Free online cource for mba Students

Try to get Free online cource like spoken english to crack jobs faster. 

Getting an MBA degree is not enough to get a good job so you need to work hard on your communication skill so that you can present the content in a proper way to the hiring team.The company wants to see how confidently you can crack the interview.

If you have done MBA from distance learning you will not have enough opportunity to speak English in a proper way.

At MBA Project Guide we help students to find out where they are lacking in the communication skill. Unless you speak well in interview you will not be hired in a good company as the hiring manager will check your communication skill so that it fits with their company.

free online cource

8 Honest Topics for Free online cource to get job after MBA Exam

Spoken English Course for MBA Students are extremely helpful for your career. We will provide 1 hr of free online traning.

  1. Our trainer will guide you What you are going to learn during the training
  2. Spend at least 2 hours with you every week to improve your communication skill and how you present your skill in the interview.
  3. How to make the resume so that it is easily recognised by the hiring manager at or other  job portals which will improve your CV discovery.
  4. How to apply on different job portals with your relevant skill sets with your relevant MBA degree.
  5. At content marketing training you will learn how to write SEO friendly content for websites to boost organic traffic.
  6. Tricks on how to get interview calls without spending much time on job portals
  7. Tricks on how to impress hiring manager with your skill set and MBA specialisation
  8. If you are in the marketing domain how to pitch the interview to sell a product.