IMT CDL Synopsis Project Guidelines 2018

IMT CDL Synopsis Project Guidelines 2018: If you want to know about latest Imt CDL Synopsis Project Guidelines or Imt Ghaziabad Synopsis format read the below mentioned article.

IMT CDL Synopsis Project Guidelines 2018

IMT CDL Synopsis Project Guidelines 2018

Guidelines for Preparing a Project Synopsis:
1. Title of the Project: You can select any topic related to your Major Specialization.

2. Company Profile: The Company from which you are planning to the internship or Training. You will get all the details from the respective website.

3. The statement about the problem: It is important that one must define the problem correctly. Problem definition has to be clear in terms of
nature, size, and scope of the project.

4. Objectives and scope of the study: Reasons for selecting the topic have to be
written down along the scope. What contribution the project can make in the selected organization.

5. Methodology:  Statistical Tools and Methods that would be used for classification of the data.

6. Questionnaire: Prepare the list of Questions you need to present to for sampling.

7. Chapterization Scheme: A brief outline of the chapters to be included in the
project report should be formulated and stated sequentially.

8. Project Guide: Project Guide selected by the student should be an expert
preferably an MBA / postgraduate in the relevant discipline with a minimum of five years of work experience. It is necessary to send a brief resume of the project
guide signed by the guide..

Project Guide for IMT CDL

Process for IMT CDL Synopsis Approval

The process is as follows:

  1.  You need to submit a synopsis of you for your project (as per university guidelines)
  2. Implement any changes in the project as suggested on synopsis approval
  3. Report comments marked with “Approved with Modifications”, 
  4. Guess if the project comments state “Rejected”, again submit the project with the same guideline or consult an expert project writer.
  5. Prepare and submit a project report
  6. Appear for the viva 

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