Mba project report on marketing for Ignou

Steps to follow while searching for marketing projects topics for MBA

Mba-project- report-on- marketing- for-Ignou

  1. If You searching for marketing projects topics for MBA ask your Ignou University internal guide whether to Opt for that Topic as he/she will be the best person to guide you.
  2. Research on Google for university approved MBA Project Guides from your city. They can help you to construct the marketing projects Topic and set the Object & Scope for the Research
  3. Do a brief research on the Topic from industry experts who have domain knowledge.

You can easily find on LinkedIn. Message them for appointment in you are on the same city or ask for a telephonic discussion. Remember that the effort you are going to invest now will give you return when you will drive to the job on that domain.

  1. It is always better to search on Google Trend or Google new about the topic. You will get lots of ideas about how to start framing the project.
  2. Do some physical groundwork before you start the project.
  3. If you are doing any project on Automobiles Sector Say for Maruti.
  • Go to at least 5 Showrooms and ask the salesperson about the market demand for that product.
  • What Are Customers searching for before they buy that car?
  • What is their query before they make the purchase decision?
  • What are the promotional offers they pitch to sell faster?
  1. Every university has certain guidelines to follow. So if you are framing project for Ignou MBA project you have to refer to the Ignou ms-100 guidelines.


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