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If yes then we can solve your problem to choose those HR project topic which creates interest. Right now, here I will show you some best MBA project topics in HR that you can choose.

First we will start from latest and current HR topic which is related to your interest, if you choose your favorite MBA projects in HR then you can write also yourself,

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Besides, when you want to choose your project report current hr topics, you should only focus on your interest because without it you can’t able to write & complete. It will become more boring and I feel that you don’t want it after that you should research on the

Moreover, you can simply take some sample papers and search journals, articles, and text-books, when you feel that you have researched enough for your topic then make it unique or new.

Now, I am sharing the best topic that helps to choose one.

Here are few reference Topics you can look at

  1. Human Resource Management system
  2. Training and Development
  3. Work-Life Balance
  4. Skills management
  5. Leadership development
  6. Motivation and stress management
  7. Performance Team
  8. Training Need Identification process
  9. Employee engagement
  10. Compensation Management
  11. 360 Degree Performance Appraisal
  12. Employee Attrition
  13. Recruitment & Selection
  14. Role of IT in Strategic HRM
  15. Employee Relationship Management
  16. Employee Employer Relationship
  17. Workers Participation in Management
  18. Study of HRM Functions & its Effectiveness
  19. Employee Remuneration
  20. Evaluation of Training Programmes
  22. Industrial Relations
  23. Knowledge Management
  24. Organizational Development
  25. Effectiveness Of Reward System On The Motivational Level Of Employees
  26. Employees Welfare Pertaining to Satisfaction
  27. Wage and Salary Administration
  28. Quality of Work Life in an organization

Few Marketing Topics for MBA in Marketing

  • Effectiveness of Retailing Mix in Big Bazaar
  • Dealers perception in ABCD Apparels
  • Customer satisfaction towards Ventura Pumps
  • Consumer perception of HYUNDAI
  • Internet Marketing -Origins, Needs, Challenges and Opportunity
  • Service Quality and Consumer satisfaction
  • Measurement of Brand awareness
  •  Online Marketing
  • B2C Marketing strategies on Social Media.

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