Writing literature review chapter of the Mbaprojectguide

Writing literature review chapter of the Mbaprojectguide 1

This guide is written about the topic “writing literature review chapter of the Master dissertation” by mbaprojectguide.

Mbaprojectguide recommends that writing a dissertation you are expected to provide an analytical overview of the significant literature which is previously published on the topic which you have selected for your research work. writing literature review chapter is very critical step. Check what the level of awareness of the audience is about this topic. If your audience is well-aware of this topic then your purpose is to demonstrate the familiarities expertise and intelligence with the topic. But if the audience is less aware of the topic then your purpose is instructional and informative.

This guide will provide you complete guidelines about writing the literature review of your dissertation. Mbaprojectguide offers more guides on the different chapters of the dissertation.

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You have to some specific things in writing your literature review. These things are written below:

  1. Interpretation of the major issues related to your topic
  2. Writing the any other writer’s view in the existing context
  3. Description of how your work is related to the others work in this field.
  4. Categorize the new ways of interpretation with highlighting on previous research gaps
  5. Give solutions of previous study conflicts
  6. Find out which literature makes considerable contribution in understanding of the topic
  7. Suggest some other ways for further research work on this topic

Content of the Literature Review

Structure your literature review in an organized structure in which all your ideas must flow logically and smoothly from beginning till the end. Make it sure that the sources and references you used are up to date and relevant. Check whether these sources and references are cited properly or not. You have to present the terminology and view points on the topic in neutral vision. Comprehensive explanation is vital if you can provide. Mbaprojectguide suggest that this chapter needs more attention and time than other chapters. Reason of this is you have to search relevant literature to the topic and then analyze it properly. After analyzing and assessing you have to write review about this literature concisely. Firstly, you have to assess what type of literature is best fitting in your master dissertation. Mbaprojectguide recommend that this assessment needs to check following three things:





Qualification includes the author’s credentials to make the judgments. Check what type of judgment he mad?

Neutrality consists on the perspective of the author whether it is even-handed or biased?

Credibility tells the reader whether the author’s thesis is convincing or not? If the answer is yes then write why it is convincing.

Worth shows the contribution of the author’s work in the selected field. This tells the reader whether author’s conclusion adds some valuable information to your topic or not?


Writers attitude towards the work which you are presenting either supportive or opposing to your topic must be shown clearly. It will convey the message of the writer to your reader about your aims and ideas whether these are accepting or not. Mbaprojectguide guides the students about how to express and convey the main idea or message to the reader. You can use reporting verbs to indicate positive assessment, neutral assessment, tentative assessment, or critical assessment. Master dissertation help is always available for you in writing each section of your literature review. These all should be mentioned clearly with relevant verbs to explain the comprehensive meaning of the other writer’s work. Yet if you are unclear about writing your literature review then immediately refer to the mbaprojectguide.