Best project in finance for mba topic in 2020

project in finance for mba topic

Get Idea for Best Project in finance for mba topic in 2020

Find the list of project topics in finance

  • Performance of Mutual Funds in India
  • Fundamental analysis of selected companies in the IT Industry
  • Equity Analysis in the banking sector
  • A study Initial Public Offer(IPO) in Indian Market
  • Equity analysis with reference to the automobile industry
  • Cash management

Few more Bonus project Topics in finance for mba topic

  • Security & Portfolio management
  • A study on the perception of Indian investors on financial instruments
  • Comparative study on gold loan
  • Level of awareness about the currency futures market
  • Performance of India stock India
  • Financial performance of commercial banks
  • Derivatives market in India
  • A study on the financial management of public enterprise India

Few Topics related to Stock Market

  • Project report on insurance
  • Wealth management and Branch Banking
  • A study of working capital management
  • Survey of investors perception towards stock market
  • Working capital management in the pharmaceutical sector
  • Non-performing assets(NPAs)

Why should you analyze your project writing skill for mba?

First, do you have an interest in this topic?

Second, do you have any knowledge of it?

Third, do you have enough writing skills ?

If yes, then you can do more easily. If you don’t analysis yourself then after some time you will be bored, frustrate. After that you will search for other topics, it means time to waste.

I will suggest you, try to search interesting finance MBA project topics in the given list or anywhere else.

Right now, I will not waste your more time, let us start the list

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