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MBA Internship Report

MBA Summer Internship Project Report

Most MBA B-schools ask students to prepare MBA Summer Internship Project Report. This report helps students to prove their ability to investigate complex company problems and to come up with solutions which improves their experience and the skills and matter of fact is that if they can bring result management of the company gets the opportunity to assess the performance of the intern and to hire them at lucrative salary for which they don’t have to face complex interview process which I have send from my practical experience which I was a part of hiring board members for corporate. Many companies provide Summer Training Project Report for MBA during the month of April to July every year.

Internship Project Report

Mba internship report is one the best way for the mba hr recruiter to judge you how much effort you have put during your mba course and what industry experience you have gained from the summer internship for preparing your mba project report.

This summer internship project report also reflects the academic hard work u put in to research on the content or topics you have been given by your college or mba university for the project preparation. So focus on few basic strategy while selecting the topic.

Prepare the Introduction or project synopsis and show it to your guide for any correction. Please note the you should look for topic mba internship topic for the industry you are planning to job or business where you can focus on how this report can benefit the company.

Try to highlight the skills you developed during the internship training period and indicate how you used these skills in the job.


Summer Training Project Report for MBA

Summer Training Project Report for MBA includes an abstract, executive summary, industry analysis and company profile. A brief project objectives, scope and Research methodology followed by analysis of the data collected and conclusion. We are among top 10 mba project writers in india that provides help for sip project help.

Download few summer internship report for mba pdf from online sources, your seniors and try to implement the research scope and objective on the project you or your group team is allotted. You can also send those sample mba project pdf to your guide.

Summer internship project report Format

You can consult a project guide who will help you to frame the research topic and layout for the project for summer internship project report which includes the following steps like:

  • Title page as per university guidelines
  • Internship Certificate from the Company
  • Project guide Certificate
  • Draft the acknowledgement section
  • Table of contents as per your project
  • Provide Industry background
  • Provide company background information
  • Questionnaire for Data Analysis
  • Role of the Internship Student during the internship
  • Discuss the skills you learned and the outcome of the result
  • Write a conclusion and Bibliography

How to find the best company for summer internship

There are many companies who hire students for internship just for marketing their product or services.

Interns daily work activity is not defined by the company’s hr so trainees hop from one desk to other just to find some assignment to prove their skills or future employment. So you should directly report to your hiring manager with your project scope, objective and outcome and start working on the report.

Go to the company website and find information Analyzing data using statistical tool like SPSS or MS excel. Convert complex data into understandable formatting using PPT. Design the tables, graphs and reports to frame the report. 

You can always consult Mba project guide if you need professional help

Top 12 Summer Internship Report Topics in marketing | Finance for mba students

Here are few Best Mba Internship Report Topics:

  • Study on Customer satisfaction of the Service provided by Airbub
  • Study on Customer satisfaction of Mama Earth
  • Summer Internship Project Report on Digital Marketing Pdf
  • Summer Internship Project Report on Social Media Marketing Pdf
  • Summer Internship Project Report on Social Media Marketing for increasing instagram organic post reach
  • Summer Internship Project Report on Marketing Strategy of Nykaa
  • Summer Internship Project Report on Bajaj Finance Emi strategy
  • Summer Internship Project Report on Reliance Retail
  • Project Report on customer acquisition of Hdfc Bank
  • Project Report On Cement Industry 
  • Summer Internship Project Report On Coca-Cola
  • Summer Internship Project Report On Airtel