How to make an IGNOU Project Report

Ignou Project Work

Step#1: For Good IGNOU Project Work (Ms-100) Opt a Good Topic Linked to your Course & Subject

The correct choice of topic is the Core part of any Project work to achieve best score. First of all, the topic must be connected and linked to your syllabus and subject. Second thing, it should be found on a public cause or it should be useful for the masses, because research for the advantage of one person is not so useful, so the topic should address more people in number. The third and most important point is “your interest”, which means selecting a topic of your curiosity so that you can give your total efforts to it. Later you can discuss with your foreman about the topic

Step #2: Search a good Project Guide for your IGNOU Project REPORT

For making ready an assignment on a particular topic or a cause definitely and you will require a guide, under your guide’s observation you will make ready your assignment, a Good Guide is the commitment of a correct project/synopsis report. Now you will ask who can be my project foreman/guide? Generally, a faculty/professor or Academic Counselor of your program/course can be your Ignou Project Guide and under the supervision of him/her, you will be making ready your IGNOU Project work.

Our Advice for IGNOU Project Reports Candidates are suggested to choose guides who are active professionals in the connected area of the selected topic, i.e., if the topic is in the field of Finance, Becasue the guide should be an expert in Finance and many more. Project Guides are also advised to prohibit guiding projects in their core specialization field only. Please note that spouse, direct relatives, and blood relations are not allowed to be the guide or helper.

Step#3: Make Ready Ignou Project Proposal Proforma & Synopsis Report for Permission

After choosing your project topic/cause and establishing your guide/foreman the third most significant part is to make ready project Proforma for Institution approval.

1.Interviewer of the Guide: An inclusive bio-data of the guide (duly signed, in original, by the guide along with date). The bio-data of the guide must have the following data in absolutely unambiguous manner:

  • Name and Date of Birth of the guide.
  • Full Address and contact numbers of residence and current work location.
  • Detailed Educational Qualifications- specifically mentioning the Degrees (with specialization), name and address of the University/Institution, and the year of award of degree/qualification, along with the percentage of marks obtained.
  • Detailed work experience, stated clearly in sequential order having information on the designation, period, name, and contactable address of the company.
  • Any other data are similar for assessment of the eligibility of the guide. You may also attach the current business card of the proposed guide.

The Synopsis of the proposed Assignment should mandatorily have the following:

  • Introduction, brief background, and Rationale of the topic opted for the project
  • Brief Introduction and significant information about the organization’s understudy.
  • Statement of the difficulty.
  • Purpose of the Project (well defined stated in behavioral terms).
  • Research Procedure:
    • Research Design
    • Nature and source of data/data to be collected.
    • Sample and sampling method. The rationale of the selected organization and the sample.
    • Tools and methodologies to be used for data collection – information of the tools/questionnaire to be used and its relevance with the goals and purpose of the project.
    • Techniques to be used for data gathering.
    • Data collecting and analysis- company and analysis of information. Statistical tools to be used for analysis. The relevance of statistical tools with the purpose of the project.
    • Drawbacks of the Proposed Project (if any)
    • Future Direction for further search and investigation (Optional)

Step #4: Establish the Project Report/Thesis Length:

After submission of the project proposal Proforma submission, IGNOU will send you approval or rejection in writing within 3 months of proposal submission. After approval of your project proposal or synopsis, you require to know the decent length of your project report. As far as IGNOU is concerned the University receives a reasonable length of the project depending on the selected topic. Usually, it should be about 70-80 double spaced pages or summarized in approximately 20,000 words.