MBA Project Viva Question and Answer

What are the Research methodology used in your project?

The data that will be collected through primary and secondary source for preparing the mba project report.

What is the outcome of your project?

The outcome of the project is the benefit that the project report will serve the organization or industry.

How you have collected the Primary data ?

The study necessitates a methodical gathering of data from survey research (using a structured questionnaire.

How you have collected the Secondary data ?

Secondary data is collected from websites, journals and records , magazines, Books.

What is the research design ?

Research Design refers to framework or plan for a study that guides the collection and analysis of data.

Which is Literature Review you have used ?

Review of literature is the journals or reports previously published related to your project topics.

What are some good research topics in gas and oil management

If you are looking for UPES University project Topics please select the topics for the problems faced in Oil Plants

Describe your project objective?

The Objective of the project should be prepared before drafting the final report.

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