12 Best Topics In Marketing Final Year Project Topics For MBA BCOM Students

Importance of MBA Marketing Projects

MBA marketing projects are key in graduate business studies. They let students use what they’ve learned in real business situations. These projects are a hands-on way to learn, showing students the real world’s challenges and details. Explore the marketing topics list for your final year project.

Marketing Topics

  1. To study the Customer Satisfaction of selected existing subscriptions of India Today magazine in Bangalore
  2. A study on pricing strategies of luxury cars in India
  3. Market research on the acceptance of electric cars in Indian markets
  4. A study on Digital Marketing initiatives at zomato
  5. A study on the effectiveness of advertising strategies adopted by online gaming companies
  6. Analyzing the Impact of Brand Positioning on Consumer Purchase Decisions
  7. Research Report to find the Contribution of Online Marketing Efforts to E-commerce Sales
  8. A Report on Adoption rate of quick-commerce service like Blinkit in India
  9. A study on Branding strategies used by B2C company like Bigbasket
  10. A study to determine the most effective media of advertising at Swiggy
  11. A Project report on Customer Retention strategies adopted by Arsalan.
  12. A study on the effectiveness of mutual fund marketing strategies in 2024
Marketing Final Year Project Topics

Insights and Findings

Students can explore best marketing final year project topics in 2024, case studies, conduct market research, analyze marketing campaigns, or develop innovative marketing plans for various industries and products. The choice of project topic often depends on the student’s area of interest, industry focus, and the specific requirements of their MBA program.

  • Analysis of consumer preferences and behavior are the primary focus of thirty five percent of the MBA marketing project topics.
  • The influence of pandamic on marketing strategies and consumer behavior accounts for 18% of the project topics.
  • Customer satisfaction and service quality evaluation in a variety of industries, including auto financing, personal loans, and financial services, make up 15% of the projects.
  • Social media marketing and its impact on consumer behavior and brand loyalty make up 18% of the topics.
  • An analysis of the efficacy of advertising strategies in particular sectors, such as apparel, electronics, and beverages, accounts for six percent of the projects.
  • Innovative marketing strategies and the use of technology in marketing account for 9% of the topics.
  • Five percent of the projects examine the impact of pricing strategies on consumer behavior and brand image in a variety of industries, including FMCD (Fast Moving Consumer Durables) goods and construction equipment.
  • B2B marketing strategies, CRM software usage, and the influence of customer reviews on purchase decisions make up 15% of the topics.


Marketing final year project topics let students use what they’ve learned in real business situations. They cover many marketing topics, like branding and consumer behavior. Students can pick from many interesting projects, from market research to new solutions. Choosing a project that matches your goals can boost your studies and prepare you for marketing success.


What are the benefits of working on MBA marketing projects?

MBA marketing projects let students use their book knowledge in real business situations. They learn skills like market research, data analysis, and strategy making. Plus, they make professional contacts that could help their careers later.

What are some popular topics for MBA marketing projects related to branding and positioning strategies?

Popular topics include checking brand value and making strategies for changing or refreshing a brand. Students also work on creating marketing plans to improve a brand’s image and stand out in the market.

How can MBA marketing projects help students understand consumer behavior and develop effective retention strategies?

These projects look into what makes customers loyal and how they make buying decisions. They focus on managing customer relationships, improving customer happiness, and making a brand stand out from others.

What are some emerging trends and innovative strategies that MBA marketing projects might explore?

Projects might look into digital marketing, using artificial intelligence in marketing, and how social media fits into marketing plans. They also cover using games in marketing and how data changes marketing strategies.

Where can MBA students find inspiration for their marketing project topics?

Students can get ideas by looking at industry trends, studying case studies, and doing market research. Talking to professors, industry experts, or going to marketing events can also give them new ideas and insights.