Download [ Top 21 ] Latest MBA Project Topics in HR – 2024

Download Top 21 Latest MBA Project Topics in HR

List of Top 21 MBA HR PROJECT TOPICS – 2024 you can look for:


2. Employee Engagement At Jio Mart Retail Stores

3. Emerging Issues And Implications Human Resource Management In Public Sector Banks

4. Ethics And Corporate Social Responsibility In The Manufacturing Industry

5. A Project Report On Dispute Resolution In An Organization

6. A Study On Implementation Of 360 Degree Feedback-Challenges Faced And Benefits Received At Nerolac Paints

7. A Project Report To understand The Recruitment & Selection Technique At  Your Organization

8. Effectiveness of Reward System On The Motivational Level Of Employees

9. Employees Welfare Pertaining To Satisfaction

10. Study on HRM Functions & Its Effectiveness


Mba hr project topics - 2024

11. Employees Welfare Pertaining to Job Satisfaction

12. Wage And Salary Administration in Manufacturing Company.

13. Quality of Work Life In An Organization

14. Motivation and Stress Management in Corporate Jobs

15. Role of IT in Strategic Hrm

16. Study on HRM Functions & Its Effectiveness

17. 360 Degree Performance Appraisal In It Sector

18. Training Need Identification Process In Corporate Jobs In An Xyz Company

19. Evaluation Of Training Programmes

20. A Study On Causes And Affect  of Employee Attrition  In Hotel Industry And The Methods Adopted To Reduce Attrition

 21. A Study On Problems  for Women Entrepreneurs In Kolkata

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How  getting latest MBA Project Topics in HR can improve your academic job opportunity

In India  getting a MBA Hr professional degree opens the opportunity  to  a range of job openings such as  HR manager,  generalist HR director, Payroll Hr manager etc. MBA degree in Human Resources once you get your project report will help you with wide range of jobs  other jobs like a freelance  hiring manager, Remote  recruitment manager , training  officer etc.

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