New business idea

New Business Idea

Software Training for Kids

 Business Idea for software training for kids of India. If you are technically having sound knowledge on the subject then it is really very good to start up online training sessions and you can get paid to pass your knowledge on to professionals and amateur as well as kids like byjus

Technical manuals are available for the programs but they are very costly and it is very difficult for average user to get through. The best way is to schedule small group workshops or private sessions and charge by hour for full tutorial of the program. This is specifically better for the people who can be done for part time job.

Micro Grocery Store online

If you have more than 1 member at home who can spend few hours in a day you can start Grocery store in any part of India. This does not require higher education, hence anyone at home can contribute to this business.Just you will need a shopify store and fill the products.
Main focus will be to promote the store via word of mouth, You can hire a e rickshaw and spread the marketing message with some offers via voice recorning to build awareness. You can use facebook, Youtube and instagram to promote your business. Pay a small amount to your local food influencer to do the job for5 videos on differnt catagory.

Clothing Business

Business Idea – Clothing business For a literate or illiterate, clothing business is best start up business. Follow Instagram , Flipkart, Amazon to find trending Western wear to Indian wear and for all Men’s, Women & kids.
In the present trend, especially working women is looking for an end to end point in one shop for kids, men’s wear and women’s. For example if there is an festival (or) wedding (or) house warming ceremony or any other occasion, they look from Saree to blouse designing (including blouse stitching to designing the blouses with heavy works) they are trying to do it with one step

Business Idea for MBA Passout

Health Clubs for Millennial

Business Idea – Millenial fitness centre

Do you know anything about Millennial? These are born between from the early 1980s to the early 2000s
As per the latest trend reports it has been noticed that from the teen to mid aged group people are drinking alcohol less than ever and focusing more on the health and fitness. This indicates health and fitness services are emerging and becoming a trendier.

Open a health club and fitness center and target specifically to millennial and this would be a best way to capitalize. You can focus on creating a strong, fun and engaging social media presence to really connect with young members.

SEO Consultant

There are millions of websites which are in the world, however, only a few thousands are surviving. Why? Because competitors are spying and killing other websites. You can work as Search Engine Optimization and help several website owners to be living in the world. You can start this business idea with zero investment.

Jewellery maker –

If you like creativity, you can try as a jewelry maker. Since women’s favorite gold is not expected to come down in the near future, this business would be flourishing for a long time. This is one of the top small business ideas in India for those who love creativity.