Download Mba Project Viva Questions and Answers

Q1. What is your recommendation with respect to the objective of your project?

Skill Development for employees is always required to run organization in a more competitive manner so the company should find out whether the employees are satisfied with their current training method and arrange training sessions to boost their skills. Company should also focus on LMS based learning platform to make the training format more employee friendly.


Q2. What further research would you liked to have conducted, and why?


There are various factors responsible to enhance the Training Programs. We can anticipate that future training theory and practice will be similarly consistent. We can also see a steady progression of the transfer of responsibility for learning, from the foreman who demonstrated work tasks and demanded they be replicated accurately to the individual learner of today, who is responsible for making sense. So development of the employees through various training and development programs in very important for future research.


Q3. At what level organization and your project guide supported in project execution?

I take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude to my project guide who have supported in critical area during the time of research methodology and data analysis . Moreover the company ( where I have done the internship helped me lot to clear the concept of hr practices adapted for training and development of skills of employee to great extent

Q4. Explain research methodology of your project?  What did you gain from it?

A Study on Training and Development method is defining the problem, type of data collected and the methods used for collecting the data. The research processes that will be adopted in the present study consist of the following stages. The study is carried out in HR Office for a period of 8 weeks. This study is carried out using questionnaire which forms basis for data collection the target sample audience is 25 employees. Methodology includes a collection of theories, concepts or ideas as they relate to a particular discipline or field of inquiry


Data was collected through both primary and secondary sources. The primary data was collected through administration of questionnaire through personal observation. Secondary source includes article from magazines. Company’s manual and Internet was also used to collect data (secondary).For any statistical enquiry the collection of data or information is done through principle sources identically i.e., by primary sources and secondary sources of data. Primary data was collected through Questionnaires and Personal observations.

After completing this task it gave me more confidence to improve my survey skills and learnt how to communicate in corporate world for problem solving.


Q5. What motivated and inspired you to carry out this research and project?


Today modern business operates in a dynamic environment where employees training play a major role to face upcoming challenges. Global markets and rapid design make it increasingly difficult for organizations to compete for customer base and product design, making capability even more important. However, educational practice faces numerous challenges. The nature of work is changing where we work (practically decentralized) and how we work (increasing use of technology). For many organizations, change has become a new standard, and for many employees, the challenge is not whether information is available to perform their tasks, but how to understand all the information available. This factors motivated me to carry out this research.