Acknowledgement for project

Download 2 acknowledgement for project report format pdf

In India when we prepare mba project there is always a term called acknowledgement for the project. Basically for every university project guideline MBA students have to submit acknowledgement for project work when they mention from whom they want to gratify without the support the project could be difficult to prepare.  MBA Colleges generally provide a project report acknowledgement format which helps them to prepare the basic draft for the internship report.

acknowledgement for project

Acknowledgement for project can be for university projects, college projects , internship projects school projects etc.

Here we will discuss about Mba project acknowledgement.

Whom to give gratitude to the persons

  • Generally, students can thank Parents without whose financial support they cannot complete an MBA or BBA specialisation.
  • University Faculty from whom they got technical guidance and will guide them to complete the project report acknowledgement format.
  • Project guide who have helped students to get industry exposure to how day-to-day company operations work or how they will collect primary and secondary data.
  • Company Manager,  HR Manager, Project Manager, and Operations Manager who have given permission to conduct the research.
  • Mention Prof, Teachers and Colleagues without their support who have guided you to select the topic and other academic details.

How To Make Acknowledgement For Project Report

First not down the above name and designation of the personal who have helped you to make the project report or research report and then start drafting it like this: 

Sample for Acknowledgement for MBA University Project


“I would like to express my gratitude to Prof. Name , ABC University, and to all the people, who extended unending support to all stages of the project. This report is a product of not only my sincere effort but also the guidance and support given by my teachers and colleagues. I wish to express my sincere thanks to my Project guide ___________ for project Guidance and support.”. Don’t forget to provide your name and roll number at the bottom right. 


So i guess now you got an example of a good acknowledgement format which can be used to draft your project report for any specialisation and submit to university.

What is an example of a good acknowledgement?

Here is a Project report acknowledgement sample pdf you can download to get an idea of how to write an acknowledgement for the project.