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Best Makaut mba project help

Struggling with your Makaut MBA project? In this blog you will get Get Project list, Proposal Format, Tips for project work, Project Ideas and Topics. You can also Download pdf sample reports for the format for final year mba project for Techno University India, UEM students.

Best Makaut mba project help

Best Makaut mba project help

If you doing MBA at Makaut, and need mba project help, then you should know the project report duration is Six to Eight weeks for Internship Project where you have to choose any industry or company and make project base on the problem the company is facing. You may consult your mba project guide for preparation of project for MB – 303 Internship Project and Viva Voce for makaut mba project proposal.

Makaut mba project final year

Along with the Project report: Project Paper you have to submit PPT Presentation for 15020 slides  and you have to sit for Viva where you will ask about how you have done the project. What is the outcome of the Report. For more details about makaut mba project viva questions and answers you may refer our viva section.

Area of Elective courses

(Finance – FM 302, Marketing – MM 302, HRM- HR 301, Operations

Management – OM 303 , Business Analytics – BA 302 and MIS – MIS 302) under the Faculty guidance.

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The Project will be examined on Project Report, Presentation and Viva after the student submit to university.

Project: Project Paper + Presentation + Viva

Project Marks (100 Marks): Project Report caries (50 marks), Presentation  caries(30), Viva (20 marks)

Tips for makaut mba project work

From our previous experience for makaut mba project help we can suggest can you should follow university guidelines and make project report as per table of content provided on the list. Your report should cover in-depth research about the industry and data analysis should be preparation using statistical tools or excel as per instruction by your Faculty guidance.

Makaut Mba Project Proposal Format

  • Prepare mba project Format that outlines:
  • Title: Short title that reflects the content of your project. E.g “A Study for Consumer Behaviour For Health Drinks in Kolkata”
  • Acknowledgement: You should gratify your project guide using the acknowledgment format.
  • Introduction: A brief introduction to your topic, its importance, and relevance.
  • Objectives: Define the aims and objective of your project in 4 -7 points.
  • Scope of the Report- Define the broad  focus area
  • Literature Review: Summarize existing research related to your topic.
  • Methodology: Describe the methods you’ll use to gather and analyze data.
  • Limitations of the study: Draft various factors such as research design, data collection methods, and external influences
  • References: Preliminary list of sources in APA Style.

Makaut mba project name list

List of Topics for Makaut mba project in Marketing

  • A Study for Consumer Behaviour For Energy Drinks in India
  • A Project report on buying behaviour for online shopping of cosmetics
  • A Study for consumer behaviour for footwear industry
  • Project report on consumer behaviour for jewellery  
  • Project report on emerging trends and challenges for nykaa
  • Project report on  buying behaviour towards instant food products

Here are few Makaut project ideas - Best Project Ideas and Topics

Here are few Makaut project ideas – Best Project Ideas and Topics

Topic 1: “Impact of Digital Payment Systems on Consumer Behavior in Urban India”

Project Aim and Objectives

Aim: To analyze the impact of digital payment systems on consumer behavior in urban India, focusing on convenience, security, and user experience.


  • To assess the factors influencing the adoption of digital payment systems among urban consumers.
  • To evaluate the satisfaction levels of consumers using digital payment systems.
  • To identify challenges faced by consumers and merchants in adopting digital payment systems.
  • To provide recommendations for enhancing the effectiveness of digital payment systems.

Methodology and Implementation

Research Design:  Descriptive research.

Data Collection:

Primary Data: Surveys and interviews with urban consumers and merchants.

Secondary Data: Review of existing literature, reports from digital payment companies, and government publications.

Sampling: Stratified random sampling of urban consumers and purposive sampling of merchants.

Topic 2: “Effectiveness of Remote Work Policies in IT Companies in Hydrabad Post-Pandemic”

Project Aim and Objectives

Aim: To evaluate the effectiveness of remote work policies implemented by IT companies in Bangalore following the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • To analyze the impact of remote work on employee productivity and job satisfaction.
  • To identify the challenges and benefits experienced by employees and employers.
  • To assess the sustainability of remote work policies in the long term.
  • To provide recommendations for optimizing remote work strategies.


Research Design:  Mixed-methods research.

Data Collection:

Primary Data: Surveys and interviews with employees and HR managers of IT companies.

Secondary Data: Analysis of company reports, industry studies, and academic papers on remote work.

Sampling: Convenience sampling of IT employees and HR managers.

Sample Data Analysis: Qualitative data analysis using thematic analysis and quantitative analysis using statistical tools.

Learning Outcome

  • Gaining experience in mixed-methods research and data triangulation.
  • Developing insights into the benefits and challenges of remote work policies.
  • Enhancing skills in creating practical recommendations for business practices.

Topic 3: “Role of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives in Brand Building in the Indian FMCG Sector”

Project Aim and Objectives

Aim: To investigate the role of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives in enhancing brand reputation and consumer trust in the Indian Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector.


  • To assess consumer awareness and perception of CSR activities by FMCG companies.
  • To analyze the impact of CSR initiatives on brand loyalty and trust.
  • To identify best practices in CSR that contribute to brand building.
  • To provide strategic recommendations for FMCG companies to optimize their CSR efforts.


Research Design: Exploratory research.

Data Collection:

Primary Data: Surveys and focus group discussions with consumers, interviews with CSR managers.

Secondary Data: Review of CSR reports, company websites, and industry publications.

Sampling: Purposive sampling of consumers and CSR managers.

Data Analysis: Content analysis for qualitative data and descriptive statistics for quantitative data.

 Learning Outcome

  • Understanding the relationship between CSR activities and brand building.
  • Developing skills in qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Makaut mba project viva questions and answers

For Viva support you can refer our mba project viva questions and answers to get an idea what type of questions you can expect for viva exam.

Data Analysis Sampling Format

data analysis format


Completing an MBA project under MAKAUT involves a thorough and systematic approach to research.MBA project for MAKAUT represents more than just an academic knowledge you will gain .If you need any help to complete the report you can Download pdf for the format.